How to Speed up Your Website!

I can be a little obsessive with things. I don’t like being beaten if I can find out a way to win. So when I started testing my websites for speed, like many of you, I found it extremely frustrating. Running your website through Google’s page speed insights is like pulling your own teeth. Painful!

But, I kept at it. I’m always learning things. I hang out on various facebook groups with true geeks dedicated to making their websites faster. I learned, I studied, I googled LOTS! And eventually, things started to make sense. I went from having a website in the Red zone, to having one that often scores a perfect 100!

I now run a course – two hours (often 3 hours) over Zoom, to teach other photographers (or anyone with a website) how they can get their websites out of the slow lane and get them loading fast. Considering Google is making efforts to ensure it delivers faster websites, with a major update coming in May 2021. This is going to be ever increasingly important. You don’t need to be at 100 – but you sure don’t need to be in that Red zone or low Orange zone either.

No tech knowledge needed. Just a willingness to learn and teach yourself to ignore a lot of old myths that surround this subject. Click the image below for more info:

Website Speed for Photographers Banner

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    1. Jason, you do realises the article you’ve linked 12 years old. Written in 2008. I can’t imagine that in the last 12 years, ShortPixel isn’t better. Have you tried it yourself?

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