My thoughts on all things Photography, based on having been involved in photography for over 37 years. Having started shooting seriously aged 19. At age 23, I moved to Rome in Italy to study fashion photography at the Instituto Europeo di Design. At the same time, I started work as a Photographers Assistant. So was a professional photographers assistant from age 23 to age 30. At age 30, I became a professional photographer, shooting fashion magazines for nearly 18 years. 10 years ago, I moved into shooting weddings and that’s now what I concentrate my time on.

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My Photography

You can find my main websites here:

Wedding Photography:
Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Fashion Website: This is over 10 years old and kept running simply for the memory of what I used to shoot before I moved to shooting weddings

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This website is a very new project for me, started in February 2021. Articles will be added over time.