I’ve been interested in computers since my earliest years. My brother is even more of a geek than me and built himself a pong game when I was under 10, which we used to play continuously. When he went to University he bought one of the early all in one Macs. I loved it. A bit later on, I got my first proper job aged 19 (must have been 1983). I was a Clerical Office for the Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell. I was presented with a brand new, hot of the shelf IBM PC. One of the first to enter the UK I imagine. It had literally only been launched a few months earlier. One floppy disk slot (big 5.25″ proper floppy). A copy of DOS on one floppy and a copy of the first spreadsheet Lotus 123 on a 2nd floppy. Then I was just left with the manuals and told to work it out. As a high IQ logic freak, I geeked right in.

It took me a few years more on PC’s to finally move to a Mac. They were simply out of my price range before this and weren’t compatible with a lot of things. But we got there eventually and since that time I’ve not looked back. I still have a PC for gaming, which I built myself a few years back, but my main love and work machine is a Mac. As it my laptop and I’m also a total Apple devotee owning iPhone since version 4 and an Apple Watch since version 1. Also had one of the first iPod’s ever in the UK, which my now wife bought me for Christmas as soon as it was launched. I think you could say I’m an Apple fan.

This blog will be about all things computer related Computer related that I come across in my daily research.

Useful Software

Check out a selection of the software I couldn’t live without on my Mac and iPhone.

  • Core Web Vitals Checker
    A great website for checking how every page on your website performs for the Google Core Web Vitals.
  • WordPress Themes – Speed Test
    A simple test of 5 popular themes, so see how much they affect the speed of your website.
  • How Fast is Your Web Hosting and Theme – The Bare Page Test
    I’ve been speeding up my website for over two years now. It’s been a journey, and as with all journeys, along the way I’ve met many people, hung out on numerous forums and learned new techniques and methods at every turn. And I continue to learn every day. One of the things that I learned,…
  • Best way to Move Photos between Hard Drives
    How to safely move large amounts of images from one hard drive to another, with 100% accurate results every time.
  • How to Speed up Your Website!
    I now run a course – two hours (often 3 hours) over Zoom, to teach other photographers (or anyone with a website) how they can get their websites out of the slow lane and get them loading fast. Considering Google is making efforts to ensure it delivers faster websites, with a major update coming in…
  • Automated Backups Using Chronosync
    Click the + (Plus symbol) in the Scheduled Task Manager window to create a new Task. For most purposes I simply change this to Daily at 8pm. That way I’ve normally finished the days work, but it’s not too late, so that if there are errors I can see them that evening in my emails….
  • Highlight H1, H2 Headings on a Website
  • Boot Backup Drive
    How to create a Bootable Backup Drive