I’ve used a few different FTP programs over the years. But have found many of them are just awkward to use and often fail, even when you’ve set everything up correctly. In the end, I decided to pay for Transmit. That was a few years ago now and it’s been rock solid every time I use it. The interface is logical, simple and it just works.

Available either on the Apple Store or Direct on the Transmit website.

Transmit 5 FTP Software


Regenerate Thumbnails

A useful little plugin made by ShortPixel. Regenerate Thumbnails enables you to delete all of the thumbnails on your server (or just certain versions) and recreate them. This can be really useful for cleaning up a server that has accumulated lots of out of date versions of thumbnails.

I’ve used this myself to remove all of the thumbnails on my server and start a fresh with a new set of default one’s. I did this when I moved from ProPhoto to Kadence. As ProPhoto used to create its own versions. All those versions mount up to a lot of storage space on a server.