These are some of my current Laithwaites favourites.

Cabalie – White LabelFrench£7.50 when on offerWonderful Everyday wine, full bodied
Cabalie – Black LabelFrench£8.50 when on offerAnother step up from the white label, full bodied
Cabalie – Gold LabelFrench£AMAZING for special occasions very full bodied
Vinha Do FavaPortuguese£Wonderful Everyday wine, full bodied
Black Stump£Wonderful Everyday wine, full bodied
Fonte Real£Very full bodied, delicious

Correct at time of writing, but alway subject to change. Prices are a rough guide, price is the discounted price, when they are on offer. I don’t buy wine when it’s full price, what’s the point. Wait until it comes on offer, then buy lots.

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